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A.O. Smith A.O Smith Water Heater History

Charles Smith started a company in 1874 in Wisconsin intending to create a company dedicated to doing things with integrity and honesty and providing his customers with a better way of doing things. As time went on, C. Smith had three sons join on with the company. Well the third of those sons, Arthur Oliver Smith started innovating the product line right away. He started out supplying metal parts for baby carriages and bicycles, but grew into a business that included creating parts for Cadillac, Oldsmobile, and even Ford. Eventually he made his way into the water heater tank industry and the company has been an architect in water heater operations ever since. The company has expanded to be international, opening up opportunities in Canada, Europe, and China. But even though the A.O. Smith Company has come along pretty considerably and undergone more than a few revolutions in its product line, the company has followed every move with integrity, honesty, and innovation as their credo.

A.O. Smith Water Heaters

A.O. Smith Water Heater Testing

Roswell, NM is known for its UFOS. But did you know A.O. Smith has innovated its product and water testing there? In the mid 1980s A.O. Smith started doing extensive reliability testing in Roswell because of the high calcium and magnesium carbonate content in the water. This type of water presented A.O. Smith with the fiercest challenges. But because of their desire to produce the best of the best, going to this testing length was seen by them as absolutely necessary.

The Role of the Water Heater

We all know what a water heater is supposed to do. This is obvious even by just the label. But homeowners around America sometimes settle for how their water heater is operating at the present moment instead of realizing how much better it should be performing were it up to industry standards.

Did you know water heaters need to be drained and cleaned out about once a year? Without this there is build-up that sits in the bottom of your water heater tank that reduces the lifespan. Or did you know that there are options for getting your water heater needs taken care of without requiring a brand new installation? Do you know what a hybrid water heater is, or a water heater recirculation pump?

Water Heater Repair Services

Regardless of the water heater type, brand, or size, the Rush Plumbing & Rooter Company can service them all. But unlike many plumbing companies out there, we don’t just fix something for the short term. Rather we present our customers with long-term solutions that fit their needs. We are not going to replace something that doesn’t need it, but we don’t settle for a “masked” fix either. We’ve worked on hundreds of homes helping out thousands of clients over the years, giving our customers the quality work that they trust us with. Give us a call today to find out what options or services we can provide you with that might literally change the way you live your life.


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