Rush Plumbing & Rooter Electronic Leak Detection

Rush Plumbing & Rooter What is electronic leak detection?

Electronic leak detection is a method of leak detection designed to isolate a water leak specifically and effectively. The result of using electronic leak detection is less mess, less time spent locating the leak, and higher rates of success surrounding leak resolution and prevention. Electronic leak detection is the state-of-the-art method for leak detection, and Rush Plumbing & Rooter uses the most high-tech equipment and experienced and licensed plumbers so your leak catastrophe can be turned for the better in the most efficient manner possible.

Electronic Leak Detection

Electronic Leak Professionals

There are a few kinds of electronic leak detection, and each is used for a specific task. The process for what is called “wet” electronic leak detection involves a few steps. When applying this method, your licensed plumber from Rush Plumbing & Rooter will spray the area around where the leak is considered to be, causing a small layer of water to rest on the affected surface. Then the plumber takes out his equipment and goes to work. The “wet” method is used mainly for flat rooftops or concrete slabs where there is no damage done when spraying the surface down.

Then there is also the “dry” type of electronic leak detection. This process involves taking a wide and brittle brush hooked to a battery that emits an electric charge and running it over the surface of the roof or floor where the leak is estimated to be. The result of this equipment makes obvious with clear markers where the leak is located. This method is used when there is a large surface area to cover and it is a dry environment, usually on a rooftop.

Lastly in the category of electronic leak detection, there is “auditory” leak detection. The equipment used for this type of leak detection is very effective for larger areas to train the focus of the plumber in the direction of the leak. The licensed plumber walks around the area of suspicion with a meter and a large “detection rod”, and when the sensor picks up higher and specific auditory signals from the rushing pipe involved in the leak, an alert is given on the meter to let the plumber know that he is close to the target.

Finding a Leak Electronically

By working with this type of high-tech equipment and utilizing proficient and well-trained plumbers for the task of locating your leak, Rush Plumbing & Rooter is able to effectively manage your leak with speed and efficiency. We will ensure that we don’t waste your time or money in any aspect while delivering quality repairs and service.

Leak Repair Services

You can rest easy knowing that once our electronic leak detection technology locates your leak, our service professionals at Rush Plumbing & Rooter will do whatever it takes to repair the leak and give you guaranteed satisfaction with our work. We won’t start without your approval, and we’ll give you a quote for the work beforehand. We use the most advanced equipment so we’re prepared for anything that arise in regard to your plumbing needs.


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