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Rush Plumbing & Rooter How to Find Your Sewer Line

When it comes to finding the part of the sewer line that runs out from your house, things can get tricky pretty fast. Although a plumber can tell in which direction a sewer pipe is going from a crawlspace, there’s no way of knowing if it continues in that direction or not. In fact, most of the time a sewer pipe will deviate from a straight line to link into the city’s larger sewer lines or be directed to a septic system. Now plumbers use to use a thing called a “divining rod” to locate these sewer drains. Divining rods are just that, a large rod that’s about a half to quarter inch thick made out of sturdy metal. This rod is used by thrusting it into the ground around the area that the sewer pipe is estimated to be. Well, as you might imagine, this method is rather time-consuming and pretty inaccurate. The other downsides are a bunch of small holes poked in your lawn. Thankfully, at Rush Plumbing & Rooter, we have graduated from this method to a more advanced and more accurate way of line locating. We use something that’s called Electronic Line Location.

Electronic Line Location Services

How Does Electronic Line Location Work?

There are different options for electronic line location, but the general principle is the same. Our plumbers at Rush Plumbing & Rooter are made familiar with the equipment and strategies surrounding this method. With electronic location, the licensed plumber begins by inserting a signal-emitting cable down the sewer line, pushing it out away from the house. After the cable is pushed through a significant portion of the pipe, the sensor is pulled out. The sensor interacts with the signal transmitted by the transmitter at the end of the cable and the plumber is then able to detect the exact location of the sewer line. Sounds pretty easy, and it is most definitely better than that old “divining rod”. But be aware that it still takes a professional who understands the technology to operate the equipment. There are many things that can occur during this process and you’ll need a plumber who knows what they’re doing to handle all the variables.

What Happens After Your Line is Located?

After we use electronic line location to pinpoint the spot we need to dig, we then uncover the sewer line to perform the clean-up or repair that you need. This will look differently depending on the issue, but keep in mind that we leave everything back as before so you never have to worry about how your lawn will look after the repair.

Giving You the Best Service

The plumbers at Rush Plumbing & Rooter are familiar with the electronic line location process, and will offer their expertise with even the most damaged and hazardous of situations. We don’t leave you hanging after performing a sub-par repair. Our plumbers will ensure you get the quality repair and service that makes us unique above other plumbers. Give us a call today for all your plumbing needs!


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