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Rush Plumbing & Rooter What is Epoxy Pipe Lining?

Epoxy pipe plumbing is a newer way of ensuring the safe passage of water through the pipes while preventing leaks. Epoxy lining comes in a paint-like composition and is blown through existing metal pipes to then dry as a waterproof coating that prevents corrosion, cracks, and leaks. Epoxy pipe lining is used as an alternative to re-piping a whole plumbing system. It allows for lasting leak and corrosion prevention without having to conduct an invasive repair for an existing building.

Epoxy Pipe Lining

How Does the Epoxy Lining Work?

Epoxy lining works by being blown through existing metal piping in a way that is evenly spread throughout and lines the inside of the pipes. Once the epoxy solution dries fully, it becomes one of the hardest and most durable materials in existence. This epoxy lining has been accounted for a lifespan of 40 – 60 years. The lining is a long-term preventative solution to prevent leaks, erosion, water damage, and blockages.

How is Epoxy Pipe Lining Installed?

Installation of epoxy pipe lining involves several steps to its process and should only be conducted by professional and licensed plumbers. The first thing a plumber does when performing installation is ensure that the pipe is completely dry by blowing air through at a high pressure. An abrading agent is then employed to remove rust or other small particles from the innards of the pipe system. Once the pipes are totally dry and free of material, it is time for the epoxy lining. But before the epoxy coating is introduced, an optimal surface temperature is created along the pipe to ensure proper attaching of the coating. The epoxy is then distributed through the pipe in an even manner. To facilitate the curing of the epoxy a plumber will blow controlled air through the pipe once again and/or heat the outside surface of the pipe. After the epoxy dries, a water test is done to ensure there are no leaks or breaks throughout the metal piping system.

Why Use Epoxy Lining?

The when and why for the usage of epoxy pipe lining is determined by your experienced plumber at Rush Plumbing & Rooter. There are several factors to take into account before employing this method of service, but if done correctly, can yield massive advantages. Epoxy pipe lining involves a system that does not require a total and complete re-piping of a plumbing system. Re-piping can potentially shut down areas of your home or business for extended periods of time and can cause your costs to skyrocket when it comes to your plumbing repair. Epoxy pipe lining keeps this from happening while still ensuring that you are protected for your future. Epoxy pipe lining is a safe method to keep your plumbing system watertight and impermeable to the standards of safety and prevention that minimize risk and future repair. It does not affect your water quality in any way, and actually improves it by keeping it from the potential corrosion of metal that flowing through a regular metal pipe might entail. Call us today at Rush Plumbing & Rooter to see if epoxy pipe lining is right for your plumbing situation.


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