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HALO Water Softener What is Hard Water?

Have you ever noticed your shower head turning green or getting clogged up with gunk? Or maybe you’ve experienced washing your dishes only to find a film spread in a thin layer over them? Do you have dry skin after you take a shower and your hair seems to be getting duller every time you wash it? These are all signs that you have a moderate to high amount of minerals deposited in your water supply that’s causing it be what is called “hard water”.

Hard water is not unhealthy per se, but it can be the cause of quite a few types of problems within the home. Hard water basically lessens the effect of soap, can clog or ruin water fixtures, and even wear out clothing and cause harm to the skin. The main culprit minerals that change the hardness of water are calcium and magnesium. Sometimes these minerals get so bad that they need to be eliminated from the water to bring health back to your plumbing system. This process of elimination is called “water softening”.

HALO Water Softener

Benefits of Water Softener

You can purchase a water softener in many shapes and sizes, but they all basically do the same things and apply roughly the same principle to their process. Advantages include extending the life of your water fixtures, preventing clogs and build-ups within your plumbing, easier household cleaning, and improved skin and hair.

HALO Water Systems

Now there is one unique company out there that has created a water softener distinct from the rest. It’s called the HALO system. HALO water conditioners have been in use for over 50 years and are the most reliable and maintenance-free systems on the market.

How the HALO System Works

Unlike most water softener systems, HALO water conditioners remove the problems of hard water without inserting any amount of sodium into your water supply. This makes them perfect for consumers who are on low-sodium diets or who would otherwise be negatively affected by increased sodium content in their water.

The HALO water filtration system is set up in a way that makes your hard water pass through alternating magnetic fields. This results in calcium ions bonding to each other rather your plumbing and converts calcium carbonate into aragonite (a compound that protects against corrosion). So as a homeowner, you are basically getting all the benefits of a traditional water softener without the extra sodium content in your water.

Why Choose HALO Water Softener

HALO Water Systems is renowned for their innovation and ease of use. They require but little maintenance and provide quality results than you can rely upon. They are committed to bringing water systems that protect you and your family from harmful hard water issues in your home.

At Rush Plumbing & Rooter, we also are committed to protecting you from the ill effects of hard water. That is why we not only recommend HALO water filtration systems, but also safely install them for your individual needs. Call us today if you are ready for a solution to all your hard water problems!


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